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Steel Composite Drums

EnviroMart Industries' composite drums provide the strength and durability you’ve come to expect from a steel drum in addition to the chemical resistance of a polyethylene drum. The 40 mil polyethylene bottle encased in the steel drum has bung plugs threaded directly into it to prevent leaking and to protect the steel from corrosion.

Steel Composite Drums

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Steel Composite Drum Specifications

  • Capacity: 55 Gallon
  • Styles: Tight Head or Open Head
  • Closure: Ring and Bolt or 2 Bung
  • Ratings: UN Liquids

NEW UN/DOT Approved Composite Steel/Poly Drums

Item # Capacity Gallons UN/DOT Specifications* Outside Diameter (inches) Outside Height (inches) Closure Approx. Tare Weight
DRM55SNC6D 55 6HA1/Y1.8/100 23.7 35.7 2 Bung 59 lb
DRM55SNH6D 55 6HA2/Y1.8/100 23.4 35.4 Ring & Bolt 59 lb
* UN specifications subject to change.

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