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Steel Salvage Drums

EnviroMart Industries' new and reconditioned tight head steel drums are manufactured from high-quality carbon steel. Custom tight head drums are available to meet your specific and unique requirements.

Steel Salvage Drums

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Steel Salvage Drum Specifications

  • Capacity: 10 Gallons to 110 Gallons
  • Thickness: .9-1.5 mm (20-16 gauge)
  • Closures: Ring and Bolt or Leverlock
  • Optional: 3/4" Vent Plugs
  • Optional: Corrosive Resistant Epoxy Phenolic Lining

NEW UN/DOT Approved Steel Salvage Drums

Item # Capacity Gallons UN/DOT Specifications* Outside Diameter (inches) Outside Height (inches) Lid Type Approx. Tare Weight
DRM110SNH 110 1A2/X428/S 31.5 43 Ring & Bolt 102 lb
DRM85SNH 85 1A2/X440/S 27.6 39 Ring & Bolt 78 lb
DRM55SNH 55 1A2/X425/S 23.75 34.75 Ring & Bolt 59 lb
DRM10SNH 10 1A2/X120/S 15 17 Ring & Bolt 14 lb
* UN specifications subject to change.

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